AUT Solutions is pleased to announce thew release of our latest manual phased array scanner, the Revolver.


Simplicity is the key with the Revolver, you simply select the band and wedge size as required, and within minutes you are ready to scan; no complex setup or templates are required, just snap the scanner on the pipe and scan away.


All Revolver components are machined from high grade aluminum and have an anodized finish to ensure long life and durability. Users can configure the Revolver for a single side phased array inspection or dual for complete weld coverage.


The encoder used is rated to IP68 and is designed to operate in many types of industrial conditions. The Revolver Scanner was designed to inspect small diameter pipe/tube welds, ranging from 0.80” inches to 4.50” [20mm-115mm], and has a low profile height to operate between obstructions as low as 0.625” [16mm], such as boiler tube inspection.



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