NanoScan II

Handheld Magnetic Wheeled Encoded Scanner

AUT Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the all new and improved NanoScan II scanner, the NanoScan II. We at AUT Solutions have taken this scanner to a whole new level. Please read the following bullet points about all of the changes made that improve the functionality and reliability of this scanner compared with the previous model.

Encoder Upgrades

  • Modular high resolution non-contact encoder, designed and made here at AUT Solutions, is completely IP68 water sealed with no moving part so it will not fail. We trust the reliability so much it will come with a life time warranty.*
  • The encoder now comes with a connector, so longer encoder cables can be used or cables can be replaced if damaged. Cable can be sold as a spare part to a kit so the technician can replace it in a few minutes to finish the job, no down time to the customer!
  • An optional high temp encoder housing can be purchased which has an air inlet port to allow the scanner encoder to be cooled with air for high temperature applications; up to 500F. The user’s manual has instructions on how to set this up and operate.

*Warranty does not cover encoder damaged from excessive heat.

Quick change modular design

  • The scanner comes with quick change gimbles so the gimbles can be removed in seconds and can now be mounted to the front or the side of the scanner, perfect for Phased array, TOFD and now B-scan applications.
  • The handle can also be quickly removed with no tools if scanner height is an issue for tight clearances jobs.

We added removable springs to the design so a down force can be applied to the probe if needed. If not, simply remove the spring.New and Improved Nozzle Attachment

Enclosed drive train

  • The previous design had exposed wheel gears, which had a tendency to get dirty and needed to be cleaned out frequently. The gears are necessary in the design to sync both wheels to the encoder to ensure minimized encoder count loss if a wheel was to slip. With the new design, the gears are enclosed within the assembly so no maintenance is needed and no grit or dirt can get to them.

Light weight and simple bar

  • Two scanner trucks can be linked using only one arm bar now, where as in the previous design two bars were needed. A simple hinge was added to link the bars allowing the scanner to form fit to many different types of geometry, including axial scanning of a weld seam. The scanner kit will also come with a set of longer bars in the event more probe separation is needed for dual phased array or TOFD inspections.​

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