Ultra-portable, low-cost, up to 20 hours per battery charge Corrosion Mapping, TOFD and Phased Array scanner

The Mobile-Scan is an ultra-portable automated 2-axis scanner. It’s small, lightweight design is perfect for small corrosion mapping jobs such as proof ups, isolated scan windows or elevated areas such as towers, turbines, and bridges where carrying heavy equipment isn’t practical. Its modular design means switching arms or motors takes only a few minutes and can be done in the field. The complete system, including the compact motor controller and umbilical fit in one case, making travel simple. The MobileScan can also be used for Phased Array and TOFD applications.

Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

Category: Automated UT Scanners

  • Lightweight – Scanner weighs less than 9 pounds
  • Portable – Entire system fits in one travel case and can run on the optional battery pack for up to 20 hours per charge
  • Modular – Arms and motors can be switched in only a few minutes
  • Fast – Scan up to 8 inches per second
  • Versatile – Works on items ranging from 2 inch pipe to flat surfaces
  • Magnetic wheels – Strong, allows vertical climbing
  • Compatible – Works with ProScan, Omniscan, TD Scan, Pocket UT, M2M, GE, Zetec, VEO, and more
  • 12″ arm
  • 2-axis motor controller
  • Probe gimble
  • Power supply
  • All Windows OS compatible (32 or 64bit)
  • 25 foot umbilical with irrigation and 4 UT lines
  • Accessory tool kit
  • Custom length arms
  • Spare motor kit
  • Rechargeable battery pack with charger
  • Custom length umbilicals
  • Multi-probe kit for TOFD/Phased Array
  • Travel case